Bright is a small town set in the beautiful alpine region of North East Victoria.

In 2006 the possibility of establishing a film society in Bright was raised. Enquiries were made, a committee formed, and the Bright Film Society began operating with a membership of 35 in its first year.

Membership numbers have steadily increased and our film society is now flourishing with 60+ members.

Each year, members are offered approximately 35 film choices from a variety of genres put together by the Committee. The members’ top 14 choices are then purchased. After a session the DVD is added to the Society’s library, which has proved to be very popular with the members.

Venue: Cloud9 Cinema. Gavan Sreet, Bright.

Starting time: Film commences at 7:30pm. Please click here to view or download our program.

Café and Bar open at 7.00

Visitors from other film societies are welcome but will need to phone a committee member first.